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Madini Perfume Essences
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The history of the Madini oils begins with the Hariris, an eminent Saudi Arabian family who were perfumers and silk traders for centuries in the city of Medina. When Moulay Hafid, a Moroccan sultan, married into the Hariri family around the turn of the century, several members of the Hariri family came to Tangiers, Morocco, where they established an enduring reputation for producing the finest perfumes. There they were known as the Madinis, meaning "the ones who came from Medina." The centuries-old tradition they represented flourished in Morocco, which is known for its excellent and varied flora. In the Madini family, the art of creating, blending, and applying essential oils is handed down from generation to generation and involves a lengthy and arduous apprenticeship. The olfactory sensibilities required are extraordinary, because many of the creations incorporate miniscule amounts of rare essences that must harmonize with other dominant fragrances. The information is transmitted verbally, and requires a direct and intimate experience with all the nuances of the perfumer's art. The current head of the Madini family, Suleiman, practiced under the direction of his father, Sherif Ibrahim Madini, for over fifteen years before assuming his leadership responsibilities.


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