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Madini Perfume Essences
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Hidden among the maze of dark passageways of Tangiers' notorious marketplace is a doorway to a tiny shop, no bigger than a closet, really. International film stars, European royalty, fashion cognoscenti, and big-city journalists have passed through this doorway. For it is here that Suleiman Madini sells the perfume essences of centuries-old family tradition. Outside, veiled women haggle prices over blaring Moroccan music, children push, and men deal. Inside, the spirit rejoices to the heady mix of natural, essential fragrances meant to invoke the dreams of angels.

Dulce Roppenecker, founder of Talisman, came upon this place while visiting Tangiers at the age of 21. The deep connection she found with the Madini family is spiritual and personal first; the business part came quite a bit later. She was inspired to apprentice herself to the healing art of traditional perfumery by the qualities and presence of Ibrahim Madini, the elder master of the family. During regular extended stays in Morocco, she studied with him for a period of years. A turning point came when, while back in the US, Dulce had a vivid and powerful dream one night, a dream which strongly affirmed her strong connection with the Madini family, and indicated she should go further with her work with them. When she called the Madini family to tell them of the dream, they gave her the news that her mentor, the elder Ibrahim Madini, had passed away that very night. The Madini family took this dream as an important omen, one which confirmed the validity and sincerity of her involvement with their family and tradition. Later, it was decided that Dulce would be allowed to make the Madini oils available worldwide. At last! The secret is out!


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